Zero-cast WX fracture stabilisation

Zero-cast WX is a state-of-the-art fracture stabilisation system. It offers clinicians and their patients a tamper proof, lightweight, adjustable, hygienic, waterproof solution for the treatment of wrist fractures and injuries requiring stabilisation

Stable fracture functional joint

The Zero-Cast WX design is motivated by Prof Sir John Charnley’s 3-point fracture fixation system and Professor Augusto Sarmiento’s work on functional cast bracing. Using advanced materials and modern manufacturing techniques, Zero-Cast engineers and the principle designing surgeon were able to create a system that stabilises the fracture while retaining joint fixation (see illustration below)


Heavy itchy smelly

Bathing and showering difficult

Lengthy application time

Joint stiffness and skin irritation,

Awkward bulky and cumbersome

Difficult to wear normal clothes

Removal can be traumatic for patients

Splinting and bracing

Less stable

Easily tempered with

Unable to get wet [showering slash bathing]

May restrict unaffective joints

Lower patient compliance

Less secure

Potentially more painful

For health care professionals

How to apply the Zero-cast WX

Clinical indications Zero-Cast WX

The letters ‘WX’ mean wrist fracture. The WX version of the Zero—cast can be used to treat almost any distal radius fracture that would normally be treated with a plaster cast.

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