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Bare-Non Modesty Apron for
Medical Examinations

The Bare-Non® Modesty Apron. Protect the modesty & dignity of patients when necessary for them to be undressed.

Bare-Non Modesty Apron and Hospital Gown Twin-set

Bare-Non Modesty Apron and Hospital Gown Twin-set for Medical Examinations has been designed to protect the modesty and dignity of patients.

Non-Woven 3-Ply Surgical/Medical Face Mask (IIR Quality) (box of 50)

3 layer non woven face mask, manufactured from spun-bonded polypropylene, non-woven fabric.

FFP-3 Anti-Microbial FACE MASK, Compliant to EN 149 : 2001

FFP-3 Anti-Microbial FACE MASK, Filters 0.5-micron Microbes. 2-in-1 action: Anti-microbial & Anti-Smog. Compliant to EN 149 : 2001

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