Bare-Non Modesty Apron for ECG (Electrocardiogram) & Medical Examinations


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The Bare-Non® Modesty Apron has been designed to protect the modesty and dignity of patients when it is necessary for them to be undressed, especially during ECG (Electrocardiogram) examinations.

  • Preserves the Modesty and Dignity of patients
  • Cover the torso, fits comfortably
  • Hygienic and Hypoallergenic
  • Unisex- Easy to use
  • Single use disposable
The Bare-Non® Modesty Apron has been pioneered, designed and patented by a British Company.
A split in the centre allows access to the abdomen when the patient is lying on their back. This innovation, together with the overall design, allows for use in a wide cross section of medical examinations and investigations.
An extendable crimped neckline, which means one size, fits all.
The Bare-Non® Modesty Apron is a low-cost, hypo-allergenic, single use disposable garment which comes individually wrapped in a recyclable paper pouch. The garment is easy to use and comfortable to wear and enables the practitioner to perform a full examination without unnecessarily exposing the patient.
There are many instances where a patient can benefit from wearing a Bare-Non® Modesty Apron but is most useful during ECG examinations. 
The Bare-Non® Modesty Apron can also be used in an immediate post-operative scenario especially in an “open ward” intensive care setting where the patient often needs to be exposed to access chest drains and ECG leads. In such environments there is generally only a curtain to pull around the patient so small steps in modesty protection should be mandatory.
The Bare-Non® Modesty Apron is also of benefit to a young adult when being examined especially where there may be several other people in the room. As well as the medical practitioner there might also be parents, a chaperone and possibly even junior doctors or medical students.
Can be supplied in cartons with the following features and benefits (for bulk orders), please let us know when ordering.
  • Easy dispense: dispenser carton (25 pieces) incorporates a tear-out window
  • Wall mounting: can be dispensed from a wall-mounted frame
  • Storage: convenient storage in easily stackable cartons
  • Individually sealed: contents protected from dust and better for infection control purposes

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